Free number plate check

This page is also in English to help English speaking people living in the Netherlands when deciding which car to buy. The extra information you can get because of the numberplate check is necessary. Read about it!

The free number plate check is important for many people. Especially if, of course, you have no or virtually no knowledge of used cars or other vehicles. And for them, buying a new used car is normally a big deal. On the one hand, you can look forward to it, on the other hand, you lack the necessary knowledge and are often also a bit afraid that there is something wrong with the new vehicle. And after all, you can’t always bring along someone who does know about it.

So you have to take for granted everything the seller or dealer has to say about the vehicle in question.

Of course, we are all perfectly capable of checking whether we like the car in question on the outside. How it is on the inside, and we mainly mean the engine, we have to take for granted. After all, the seller or dealer knows a lot more about it.

Yet every year, and let’s face it, it only happens to a few hundred people a year when buying another vehicle, that not all cars or motorbikes turn out to be exactly what the salesperson says they are. Of maybe worse than that!

The chances of it happening to you too is very small, but you’ll just be screwed. The best way to illustrate this is with a true story of a man who went to buy another used car. It looked great, the engine was fine according to the seller. And so quickly closed the sale because it was actually spot on.

That went well until the MOT inspection revealed all sorts of problems with the car, requiring repairs costing many thousands of euros. And, of course, the seller had already long and wide left.

It only happens a few hundred times a year, but you’ll just have the same bad luck. From a joy in blaming yourself that you shouldn’t have been so stupid.

The free licence plate check for everyone

Thankfully, in the Netherlands, almost all vehicles are registered on license plates. This number plate is inextricably linked to the vehicle in question. The advantage is that the body that issues these license plates also stores all kinds of data about the vehicle.

Data on the colour, engine power and weight. But also data about the mileage, what is replaced when a new MOT is issued, and so on. These data, which you can split into basic and additional data, can be obtained by anyone in the Netherlands simply by themselves.

Thus, you can retrieve the basic data using a licence plate check of any Dutch vehicle by licence plate. You can do so, for example, by entering the registration number here on the right and pressing check. After a fraction of a second, all the free data are already displayed on the screen.

And that is immensely convenient. For example, you can check whether the vehicle is insured for third-party liability or when the next MOT is due. In addition to all other data, of course, this gives you quite a complete overview.

But we were just talking about the additional data. These additional details are not free, but cost between a few euros to around 20 euros depending on which part you want to buy. These are, for example

The damage history.
The number of owners.
The mileage check.
And, of course, the value of the vehicle.
Damage history

At every MOT, but also usually at a minor or major service, all parts that are replaced are registered. So you can see exactly when which part was replaced, even in case of damage, for example.

Of course, in addition to all other data, the RDW also registers the owner’s details. This makes it easy to see how many owners the vehicle has already had. Of course, you cannot view personal data with the registration check.

The number of owners

If, for example, a car has had many owners, this may indicate that there is something wrong with it.

The Mileage Check

There is actually no point in turning the odometer because, for example, the position of the odometer is also recorded at the MOT. Thus, with the help of this check, you can almost always tell if it has been manipulated.

Value of the vehicle

What is the car or any other vehicle, really worth. With this addition, you can see this exactly, even though the seller may be asking too much or too little for it.